-niola asked: "Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favorite followers. Not back to me, I did it already! xx"

haha im not good at these but lets give it a go ((—-:

being able to laugh at myself is definitely a good thing bc lets face it im really clumsy and tend to do some stupid shite :D:D

i get along with ppl quite well even if i dont actually like them - cant really be a scout leader or do customer service if i would just get offended or whatnot

finally being able to do what i want&what makes me happy and not caring if it isnt the wisest or best choice ((—-:

hmmmmm what else?? im p good at maths and science-y stuff and that is totally awesome (especially maths)

aaaand i dont (usually) get lost that easily - not in new cities nor in the woods. knowin how to read a map and use a compass helps ofc haha

thanks for the ask, love xx

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This is real.


This is real.

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by Lórien Sequera

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Tove Jansson - Vem ska trösta knyttet?

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Cry-Baby (1990)

Cry-Baby (1990)

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Written in the stars


Written in the stars

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Playlist for the day

  1. I don’t care - Apocalyptica
  2. Really don’t care - Demi Lovato
  3. I don’t care - Fall Out Boy
  4. I love it (I don’t care) - Icona Pop
  5. I don’t care - 2NE1
  6. I don’t care about you - Cody Johnson
  7. We don’t care - Kanye West
  8. I don’t care anymore - Phil Collins

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Blossom type, Alice Mourou

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