voisin mennä tupakalle.

tai, jatkaa star trekin kattomista ja unohtaa et pitäis herätä ihmisten ajoissa ja heti aamutuimaan kipittää kampukselle.

onneks sain mun pressopannun tänne ni voin keittää vaikka toisen litran kahvia

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posted 2 days ago

this year didnt start very well and life has been a tad rough, ive been struggling with my mental health once again so havent rly bothered to be on tumblr that much nowadays (or lately or w/e), ive been using all my energy to try to live haha

things have been a bit better the past few weeks or so - travelling, new places, scouting, seeing friends&family

oh and im transferring to another uni next year - breaks my heart to leave glasgow behind but yoooo im gonna be an art student (((8

summer’s coming and it’s gonna be totally awesome !!

so yeah hi this was an update of what is going on in my life. so hi

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posted 4 months ago
fucking finally !! hyvin tuhlattu muutama h #mew #annoyinglilshit #googlemaps #pkmn #aprilfools #shhmunpitinukkuajoajatsitten

fucking finally !! hyvin tuhlattu muutama h #mew #annoyinglilshit #googlemaps #pkmn #aprilfools #shhmunpitinukkuajoajatsitten

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posted 6 months ago

i truly hate the feeling when everyone disagrees with u abt mental illnesses like ugh they actually do exist

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posted 7 months ago

aattelin et oisin saanu kunnon yöunet tänpäivästen mental breakdownien ja paniikkikohtausten jälkeen mut ehei alakerran naapureiden bileet herätti mut yheltä

haha ha tarkotus ois herätä tunnin päästä ja pyykätä ennen suomi-ruotsi matsia

ja hups viimeset pari tuntia oon yrittäny sisäistää politiikkaa ja mitä kävis jos skotlanti ny itsenäistyis

että hyvää huomenta &&haista universumi vittu

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posted 7 months ago

i feel like last summer


but then again not

and i truly love this person even if they dont believe me

im drunk and told ppl things

its good i guess

life is hard

but im not giving up

not yet

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posted 7 months ago

ooh mum sent me some stuff (◡‿◡✿)

sheet music, my camera bag, eating animals by jonathan safran foer and chocolate mmhmm

today i’m just gonna smoke a lot and watch movies yes

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posted 8 months ago

so yeah basically i applied for some art schools but i dont have v high hopes

but i did it

and my scottish family (ie my flatmates) and w were v supportive and when/even if im not gonna make it it doesnt matter bc they made me believe in myself

and sometimes life is okay

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posted 8 months ago

yooo 2013 is almost over and i have emptied a bottle of sparkly already

so, a brief summary of this year:

+ new year’s eve is still not my best time: the night ended me having blood all over my face

+ living in kallio hoods was the best ever &&it broke my heart to move out

+ did some scout stuff (two first aid courses&leadership qualifications&upper austrian jamboree etc)

+ i’m twenty and fucking fabulous

+ broke up w/my girl after being together for ages - but being single has been really good for me

+ ended up in some weird places during the summer, drank a shitload, did some stupid shit and oh it was brilliant

+ the people i’ve met this past year, just wow, you are fantastic, believe me

+ moved to glasgow and started studying biomed in the uni of strathclyde

+ realised that i actually do miss some people and it’s proper shite

+ shit has hit the fan too many times and i’m still trying to get better

+ glasgow feels more like home than helsinki, even if helsinki is still my true love

+ the christmas holidays have been quite relaxing: having a great time with my friends, seeing my family and cats, bumping into ppl who i really wanted to see, partying

so that is more or less it. have a fan-fucking-tastic new year and so on uwu

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posted 9 months ago
wednesday night calls for cocktails and yeah i think this is a sign #batman

wednesday night calls for cocktails and yeah i think this is a sign #batman

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posted 10 months ago

♀ // 21 // glasgow, scotland&helsinki, finland // i'm boring&sarcastic&drink way too much coffee and tea